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Dell Precision M4600 i7 4gb 500gb

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SKU: Dell Precision M4600 i7 4gb 500gb

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Details about  Dell Precision M4600 processor 2820QM AMD M5950 Notebook i7 2.3GHZ   Mobile Workstation Laptop Intel i7  Win7 pro service tag 7kxtkq1 BRAND NEW COMPATIBLE BATTERY WITH WARRANTY 6 MONTHS IS THERE .                 Review Dell Precision M4600 Notebook Tobias Winkler (translated by B Schulisch), 10/13/2011   Precision tool. The current 15″ workstation from Dell has been reworked from the ground up, and offers a completely new case along with renewed components. How well Dell has accomplished bringing performance, ergonomics, and mobility into harmony has been tested by us.   Workstations are viewed by many users as the elite class of mobile notebooks, since they possess high performance reserves and good features, as well as satisfying other aspects such as upgradability, reliability and compatibility, to a certain extent. A long availability of replacement parts, guaranteed software compatibility, generous warranty periods, and support services are also provided by the manufacturers, even if at a nice premium though. It should therefore come as no surprise that the basic version already costs in excess of 1000 Euros after tax. Alone the configuration possibilities in the Dell online shop are already surprisingly elaborate, and cover a large number of individual requirements. Six different dual-core and quad-core CPUs, four displays, and three graphics cards are available for selection. With a slightly adjusted configuration the 2000 Euro mark can quickly be reached, especially since even smaller features such as a webcam and a backlit keyboard require an additional expense. More affordable and better equipped models are partially preconfigured, and are available from various online retailers. Our reviewed model represents one of the higher performance configurations, and provides an Intel Core i7-2920XM CPU, Nvidia Quadro 2000M graphics, 256 GB Solid State Drive, Blu-ray, Full HD display, and much more which we will elaborate on in this review. The price however already lies at over 3000 Euros after tax, and underscores the premium demands associated with it. Case Very stable, but also bulky case The battery is loose and has to stay in the case The case, as has already been mentioned, has been completely renewed and doesn’t have anything in common with the predecessor model Precision M4500, with the exception of many good features. What stands out is the metallic exterior with an unusual umber brown color scheme. The adopted materials altogether make a robust and high quality impression, although the work area surfaces are made of plastic. There aren’t any shortcomings in this area though. The palm resting area is firm, the gaps are even, and the surface feels pleasant. The same is true to a similar extent for the display lid, which can be warped a little with some force, but also makes a very robust impression. The back of the lid can be dented a little, but changes on the display are not generated as a result. The display hinges are more rigid than usual, and can be operated in both directions with one hand. The battery integrated into the front also assists in this case, since it provides for the necessary counterweight under the palm resting area. However, the battery is also responsible for the first real point of criticism, since this sits relatively loosely in the case, and in addition contains one of the four feet. If the battery is removed the case is no longer stable and dips down towards the front right. Otherwise the base unit is very firm due to the omission of any maintenance panels. This has the disadvantage though that the whole base plate or the keyboard have to be removed in order to exchange or upgrade components. To reach the mass storage for example seven screws have to be removed. There is no exchange shaft for quick swapping of drives. We also found the rigid power cable which stands out towards the back unpractical, since this always necessitates a certain gap at the back of the notebook. The measured weight of our reviewed device is approximately 3.2 kg, which is relatively heavy for a 15″ notebook. Other than this the dimensions of 376 (W) x 256 (D) x 36.5 (H) mm also exceed the usual by several millimeters. The bulky overall impression is however created by the omission of curved surfaces on the case, which at least provide for an optically slim impression on many competitor models. Connectivity Interfaces Following on from the good case Dell has created another highlight when in comes to the connectivity. In this case almost everything that could be required is available: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA and FireWire (IEEE 1394, 4-pole without power supply) cover the usual PC spectrum completely. Merely FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt could be added for the sake of completeness, both are so far meaningless for Windows notebooks though, and therefore also not available from competitors either. For additional interfaces or peripher

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